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Will the owner of a purple Hyundai registration number 760ITO that was parked at our grounds on 2.6.18 please come to the clubhouse. Thank you

Outdoor Season 2018

Sign-on for Outdoor Season 2018.

Please complete ALL steps including the final step of registering with the FFA through the myfootballclub link at the end of the process. This is a mandatory step that must be done each year. Thank you.

If you have any further questions please contact the club via email on secretary@parkridgesoccer.net or phone 0423703727

Please contact club for space availability for all age groups before registering. Thank you.

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Senior Men

To all returning & new interested players:
training for all senior men’s teams to re- commence at 6.30pm on Tuesday 9th January with our first preseason friendly to commence on the 13th January
Team lineup for the allocated games will be announced on Thursday night at the completion of training

Players and positions are available across all U18s, City League, Capital League 1 Reserves & Capital League 1 teams

New Interested players please contact the club via secretary@parkridgesoccer.net or mick@parkridgesoccer.net

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"Faith in Community and Tolerance in Sport"

Founded in 1976, The Park Ridge Baptist Sporting Association was developed out of a desire by the Park Ridge Baptist Church to provide a family centred sporting association with Christian values.  The vision statement from those early days was:-

"The desire to grow with one's children, whilst they participate in healthy activity and are being encouraged to grow as a person through the vehicle of sportsmanship and competition".

The Park Ridge Baptist Sporting Association now known as Park Ridge Panthers Inc. provides amazing facilities for sports including Football, Cricket and Futsal. We also have Netball courts available for use.

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Community Awareness


Raising Awareness Worldwide
Sustain - Partnering with villagers to provide sustainable livelihoods through intensive farming and agricultural initiatives.
Educate - School infrastructure and teacher training to increase the capacity of local primary schools so kids can thrive.
Protect - Innovative design and build projects to provide safe housing, community infrastructure and freedom from debt slavery.

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Cancer Councils are the leading independent funders of cancer research in Australia. In 2016, research grants through Cancer Councils totaled more than $65.5 million. Cancer Councils directly funded $43.4 million, with a further $22.1 million contributed by our research funding partners

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