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"Faith in Community and Tolerance in Sport"

Founded in 1976, The Park Ridge Baptist Sporting Association was developed out of a desire by the Park Ridge Baptist Church to provide a family centred sporting association with Christian values.  The vision statement from those early days was:-

"The desire to grow with one's children, whilst they participate in healthy activity and are being encouraged to grow as a person through the vehicle of sportsmanship and competition".

The Park Ridge Baptist Sporting Association now known as Park Ridge Panthers Inc. provides amazing facilities for sports including Football, Cricket and Futsal. We also have Netball courts available for use.

U9-U11 Football Brisbane Carnival Saturday 9th March 2019

Draw for PRFC

Sat 9/2/19
9:00 am Park Ridge U10 v Annerley U10 Field 2

10:40 am Western Pride U10 v Park Ridge U10 Field 1

12:20 pm Park Ridge U10 v Logan Village U10 Field 2

Logan Football Complex 355 Browns Plains Road, Heritage Park.

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It is very important for all players to be registered with PlayFootball. We have a lot of players on team sheets that have not yet registered. We CAN NOT field unregistered players so this may affect your child's place on the team. It is also important for you to show up to training if you have not already done so to have your child placed on a team. Registration on PlayFootball does not guarantee you a place on a team if you have not shown up to training for team placement. 

There is a link below to register with instructions on how to proceed.

Thank you for your cooperation

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PRESEASON TRAINING: U9 - U16 will start training Monday 14th of January at 5:30pm.

Mon & Wed U9 - U11 (5:30pm) U15 Girls (6pm) 
Tue & Thur U12 - U16 (6pm)

U6-U8 will begin Monday 28th January at 5:30pm

Senior Women Mon & Wed from January 14th 6pm

Senior Men Tues & Thur from January 7th 7pm

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Please click on the link below if you wish to register for our 2019 season as:

  • Player
  • Coach

  • Team Manger

  • Volunteer


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Click here to register:



Step 1: Create your Football Account

Instead of using your FFA number to access the registration system, you will now need a Football Account. If you do not already have one you can create one very easily using your email address, Facebook login or Google login.

IMPORTANT: You will not be able to claim your participant history if your email address or social media login does not match the email address used for registrations on the old MyFootballClub.

Step 2: Claiming your participant history

After logging into your Football Account you will be presented with a list of matching profiles from MyFootballClub where the email addresses match. You must link any profiles at this stage in order to register them to a club in the future.

Step 3: Registering

Once you have claimed your participant history you will be able to register any of the linked family members on your account or signup additional people.

You will need to add a new photo when you register.

Squirts U3 - U5 Registration 2019

Sign-on for Squirts Registration 2019. 

Please note that this section is to register U3-U5 ONLY. For all other registrations please click on the link in the above section. Thank you.

First 9 week block will commence on Friday 15th March at 6pm. They will break for the school holidays and will recommence Friday of the first week back.

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Educate - School infrastructure and teacher training to increase the capacity of local primary schools so kids can thrive.
Protect - Innovative design and build projects to provide safe housing, community infrastructure and freedom from debt slavery.

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